Beef from Alentejo

Intense flavors. Herbs spices and salt enhance the recipes.  

Particularly well adapted to the conditions of the Alentejo land, the cattle feed on spontaneous pastures, moving freely in a region that is still preserved. The result is quality meat, using agricultural methods. 

The bovine breed pastures in the alentejo meadows
Natural and healthy meat. Juicy and tender

This meat PDO history is linked to the Alentejana bovine breed, being the first bibliographic reference written in 1870.  

Made from cows that are extensively reared, about 1.4fed only by food generated by the nature such as hay, straw, acorns and stubble this meat has distinctive characteristics  

The cattle feeds on what the lands of Alentejo have to offer. 

Their diet varies according to the time of year. 

It is their food, in extensive production, that guarantees quality meat, 100% healthy and natural. 

From farm to table. Bred to share creating moments of pleasure