Fish and Seafood

From Matosinhos • Porto District 

Land of sea and seafarers, it is possible to taste the various delicacies of the most diverse fish, fished and cooked with mastery by the local people. From sea bass, to lobster, to octopus, to cod, to monkfish, passing through the famous sardines, savor the flavors of these delicacies, grilled on the coals, in stew or in the cataplana and the famous seafood rice. 

The best catch of the Atlantic Ocean comes from Matosinhos
Salty waters and cold breeze from market to plate

In the Matosinhos Market you can find all the fresh specialities. This market can hardly be dissociated from the traditional center of the city and the municipality of Matosinhos. It has always been an essential point of reference, not only for the resident population but also for the occasional visitor. 

Matosinhos maintains the tradition, serving fresh seafood of great quality and, above all, the fresh fish that comes daily from the Matosinhos and Angeiras auctions. 

In Matosinhos you will find all kinds of Fish and seafood, from traditional grilled sardines to the most exquisite international cuisine. 

Matosinhos brings together an unparalleled gastronomic offer. From the old quarters, there are appetizing smells emanating from the kitchens of excellent restaurants or from coal stoves.
From the most familiar and traditional roasted sardine restaurants to the most modern and exquisite signature cuisine spaces, the quality of its fresh fish and seafood is recognized all over the world! 

A table full of Sea delicacies