Mesa S. Paulo, Brasil // 24 a 27 out2019 

Gastronomy Congress Sao Paulo

The largest gastronomy congress in Latin Americahappening in 2019 at the Memorial da América Latina has as its theme TRANSITION KITCHEN: New meanings for a changing planet. 

Four unforgettable days with lectures, classes, workshops and tastings by big names in world cuisine. 

Great chefs from Brazil and the world, producers and experts in various areas of gastronomy come together during the four-day festival. 

Participating Companies


rock aroma


+351 967 642415

Rockaroma develops the innovative concept of cutting and selling Pedras de Sal, a 100% natural product extracted from the Loulé Salt Mines, in the Algarve. The Pedras de Sal allow cooking on top, passing the right amount of salt to the food, as seasoning. The Campina de Cima mine in Loulé is about 230 million years old and has about 40km of tunnels, but there is still a significant area to be explored.

Herdade da Rocha



351 910 988603

In the heart of Crato village, in the District of PortalegreAlentejo region and sub-region of Alto Alentejo, next to Serra de S. Mamede, a new brand of Portuguese wines is born, marked by freshness and minerality.


At Herdade da Rocha, the winemaking team intends to produce fresher wines with more mineral characteristics that naturally differ from ordinary Alentejo wines. 

5 Bagos 



+351 964 246161 +351 963 084063
carlosmagalhaes@viteno.pt / paulo.palatodocoa@gmail.com 

Quinta da Saudade, located in the Douro Superior, in Muxagata, Vila Nova de Foz Côa municipality, was acquired in 2008 by the oenologist Carlos Magalhães (aka Carloto) and five friends who had a common passion – wine, vineyards at altitude and the Douro. They have a simple motto – create the best Douro wines – wines with a genuine palate, made exclusively with Quinta grapes, gastronomic and that can compete with the best that is done in the region. 


qual house


+351 969 676 656

Products: Gourmet Products: Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Desserts, Charcuterie, Olive Oils, Vinegars, Wines, Spices. 

 Qualhouse is a national distribution company of specialized food products, for hotels, restaurants and catering. 

Herdade do Vau

herdade vau


www.heradedovau.com | www.risowine.com
+351 966 052 219 | +351 911 793446
mso@herdadedovau.com | rp@herdadedovau.com 

Herdade do Vau Hotel is located in a magical place (Alentejo), near the Guadiana River, in the heart of the triangle formed by three historical villages, Beja, Serpa and Mértola. This property has a rich biodiversity as it is very close to the Guadiana Valley National Park. The peace and serenity it offers, is what most characterizes the hotel.


Herdade do Vau comes from a former country house, rebuilt in 2012. The wine production had already begun in 2007. 


When we chose RISO (laugh in portuguese) for the name of the wine, we wanted to go beyond creating a brand, we wanted to affirm an attitude, a lifestyle! Positive, excited, unhappy, sharing. The laugh that comes from the true joy of life is a long-term asset, as it gives us the confidence that allows us to move forward and exceed limits. We truly believe in the traditional wisdom that says “laughter is the best medicine”, apparently for any disease! 


The concept Biochic maintains a responsible attitude towards sustainability and keeps the ecological balance, with the elegant simplicity that characterizes the he Alentejo. 

Porto Reccua 

Porto Réccua Vinhos is one of the newest companies in the commercialization of Port & Douro wines. Its creation is the responsibility of Caves Vale do Rodo and a group of its partners and workers who intend, in this way, to continue to make a difference. Using the pioneering spirit and avant-garde that distinguish them, they launched an ambitious company that wants to bring their wines from the Heart of Portugal to the hearts of connoisseurs from all over the world.




+351 964 246161 +351 226 189763

Viteno was created in 1993 by two partners: Engineer José Ferrão and Engineer Carlos Magalhães. It arose with the objective of filling as serious difficulties that the wine growers, producers, traders and traders felt in the use of support in the areas of viticulture, oenology and quality control. being qualified for its professionalism and the quality of its work. 

Alga Plus




We produce algae in a sustainable way, to meet the demand for this raw material.
We are the only company in Europe to grow algae in an integrated manner, under the concept of Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture. 

Our innovation lies in this production system, which replicates the conditions of the ecosystem and which allows continuous production of Atlantic algae species with biological certification and high quality, safety and traceability parameters.