Honey from the Highlands of Minho PDO

This honey goes way back

Many documents exist attesting to the fact that in the past in the area where Mel das Terras Altas do Minho PDO honey is produced it was also used as a form of currency, not only for commercial trading or for the payment of debts but also in payment of taxes to the king.

200 kg of beeswax was a way to pay taxes
Strong scent of heather

For example, in the 12th century the inhabitants of the village of Freitas (in the Braga district), by request of the king, had to pay 200 kg of bees wax, while, in the reign of king Alphonse III, the subjects who made honey paid their taxes in bowls of this nectar.

This wildflower honey has a liquidy texture, a dark brown color, and a strong scent of heather. This honey can be consumed as is, spread on a slice of bread, or used to make desserts and traditional pastries. In the past, this honey was used instead of money to execute business transactions and pay the taxes – further proof of
just how good it is.

Liquidy texture, dark brown color