Portugal - Melting

Porto, Portugal  // 14 a 16 nov.2019

Action in partnership with the event “Melting Gastronomy Summit”, the first International Gastronomy Congress in Portugal.

Promotes an open reflection on the wills, discoveries and experiences, food management and the new agribusiness and food businesses tourism, with more than 30 national and international speakers. 

Participating Companies

Herdade da Rocha



351 910 988603

In the heart of Crato village, in the District of PortalegreAlentejo region and sub-region of Alto Alentejo, next to Serra de S. Mamede, a new brand of Portuguese wines is born, marked by freshness and minerality.


At Herdade da Rocha, the winemaking team intends to produce fresher wines with more mineral characteristics that naturally differ from ordinary Alentejo wines. 

Quinta das Chaquedas

+351 968 362 832

Products: Douro Wine; Douro Parceria Tinto 2017; Douro Parceria Reserva Tinto 2014; Douro Parceria Branco 2018; Vinho Verde Adaga Branco 2018;

It was in family that the Lote 5 wines were born, at Quinta das Chaquedas in Santa Marta de Penaguião – Régua, Douro. The name “Lote 5” symbolizes the family of 5 elements, who each, in their own way, lent him a little bit of himself, venturing into this region that they love so much and where they have their origins, in art and in the love of to make vineyards and wines.

Alga Plus




We produce algae in a sustainable way, to meet the demand for this raw material.
We are the only company in Europe to grow algae in an integrated manner, under the concept of Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture. 

Our innovation lies in this production system, which replicates the conditions of the ecosystem and which allows continuous production of Atlantic algae species with biological certification and high quality, safety and traceability parameters. 

Porto Reccua 

Porto Réccua Vinhos is one of the newest companies in the commercialization of Port & Douro wines. Its creation is the responsibility of Caves Vale do Rodo and a group of its partners and workers who intend, in this way, to continue to make a difference. Using the pioneering spirit and avant-garde that distinguish them, they launched an ambitious company that wants to bring their wines from the Heart of Portugal to the hearts of connoisseurs from all over the world.