Sheep's Milk Cheese

From Serra da Estrela

The vast size of Serra da Estrela’s pastures as well as its rich natural resources have made it an excellent place for pastoral farming where traditions and living experiences related to this activity have been established throughout the centuries.  

It was within this environment that mountain populations created the oldest and most recognized Portuguese cheese. 

From sheep bred in Serra da Estrela
The Milk gives life to the Cheese

The beginning of manufacturing process of Queijo Serra da Estrela is sheep milkingThe milk used to obtain the Queijo Serra da Estrela DOP comes from sheep bred in the hills that gave it its name, with access to spontaneous pastures. 

With a buttery or dry dough, yellow colour and intense flavour, Serra da Estrela cheese is made exclusively with milk from Bordaleira breed sheep, and puts all the generosity of Serra da Estrela on the table. 

The Queijo Serra da Estrela PDO is the oldest portuguese cheese being recognized internationally for its organoleptic characteristics. 

The smell, texture and irresistible flavors
Family and tradition brought together

It was introduced in Portugal by Roman people. Already during the Middle Ages it was mentioned in the lyrics of poet Gil Vicente.
In 1287 the King Dom Diniz created the first cheese market in Celorico da Beira council, in the Serra da Estrela PDO region.
In 1885 it reaches the cities of Lisbon and Porto, increasing its fame. 

Ancient techniques and rituals used in the making of this cheese are still unaltered, providing it with a rich touch that will make you remember its taste.